The project

Territory, tradition, people and quality products

The story of Lo Rebost all started in 2012. One of the main reasons to import high quality Spanish wines and products was the fact that you cannot find these products here in Belgium for reasonable prices.

Since our “founder” is originally from Spain/Catalunya, he decided to bring the products himself to Belgium. Soon, friends started to ask to bring some products for them as well and that is the way one starts thinking to give that opportunity to everyone. Ricard is from his childhood already involved in artisanal production of Extra Virgin Olive oil Gran Degustus and more indirectly with the production of wine.

He selects every product with three main principles in mind: first, as a biologist he thinks it is important to stay as close as possible to the product as created by nature without polluting (surrounding) environment. Second, it is of importance that he knows how the production process is organized. We visited of every product the manufacturing site.

Last and not least, of course, the taste and quality is the point to take the final decision to import it to Belgium or not. This decision process makes of every product a story, but it also helps the local farmers and winegrowers to continue their very old family tradition in these hard times of tough competition from wholesalers.

Going along with these principles we want to give you the possibility to enjoy Spanish gastronomy following the standards of the Mediterranean diet (since 2010 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of the UNESCO).