Creamy cheese Tupi Tros de Sort 80 g

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Formatge de tupi Tros de Sort
It is made from semi-cured and cured cow cheeses mixed with extra virgin olive oil and ‘aguardiente’ (orujo) so that it causes a second fermentation (oxidative) of at least 2 months.
Creamy and spreadable texture, with a strong, long and persistent flavor, slightly oxidized and with aromas reminiscent of orujo and olive oil.

Ideal to eat with toasted bread, honey or nuts. It is also suitable for preparing creams and sauces and with nut crackers.

All kinds of white wines, manzanillas, Marques de Poley cream, Pedro Ximenez sweet wines, cava or even red wines aged with wood.

Gold Medal 1995 (La Seu d’Urgell)

Silver Medal 1996 (La Seu d’Urgell)

Gold Medal 1997 (La Seu d’Urgell)