Pansal de Calas 2014 500 ml

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Pansal de Calas

Fortified sweet wine  made with 70% Grenache, 30% Carignan and  aged 15 months in French oak barrels.

Very dark, with blueish-violet shades and high viscosity; An enormous flavor concentration, based on very ripe seductive dark fruits like roasted aromas of plums, cassis, and dark cherries combined with currant, toasty, coffee, mokka aromas. It shows a perfect harmony of alcohol and lively acidity full-bodied, ripe and rich tannins and a lovely sweet mouthfeel. The secret of this wine is its perfect sugar balance.


The relatively low sugar level (compared to other Sweet Reds like Banyuls or Port) allows this wine to pair with main courses like roasted beef, game, roasted duck, stews, steak, oxtail, or smoked foie gras. Also pairs well with any kind of bitter flavors like coffee, nuts, bitter chocolate and fresh and mature cheeses…and simply by itself…or as a good Port with a cigar.

Guia vins Catalunya 2017: 93 points (2014)
Guia vins Catalunya 2016: 92 points (2013)
Guia Peñin 2015: 90 points (2012)