Marques de Poley cream 500 ml

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Marqués de Poley cream

Bodega: Toro de Albalá

Marques de Poley cream is a fortified wine, unlike other creams in the Jerez area, is made exclusively from Pedro Ximénez grapes and not with fine palomino. Marqués de Poley Cream has been aged in American oak casks (soleras system) for ten years.
Aromas of caramel, coffee and candied orange, with sweet and bitter notes. Its entry into the mouth provides sweet, elegant and velvety flavors with a persistent flavor.
It is recommended to serve it very cold.

Aperitif (with ice and a little orange rind), perfect with pâté, foie grass and apple compote, cheeses of little or medium cure, blue cheeses or nuts. Ideal to combine with desserts: cheesecake, berries or pastries based on puff pastry and cream.

Guia Peñin 2017: 87 points
Guia Peñin 2014: 87 points